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These passes are also controlled using a biometric finger scan, to prevent them from being transferred to non-Florida residents. Timeshares are not considered residences for the purposes of buying Florida Resident tickets and passes.

For instance, if Grandma and Grandpa live in Florida, they could accompany their grandkids who live outside Florida to Walt Disney World, and buy the kids Florida resident passes. Not legally. Florida residents can choose from several savings options, plus their multi-day tickets are valid for a full 6 months when purchased with the Flexible Dates option.

Extra Ways to Save at Walt Disney World

This can make the Flexible Dates option really worth getting for folks who plan to visit the park for a day here and there over a multi-month period. You may purchase up to 6 tickets. The exchange voucher is then taken to a Main Entrance theme park ticket window, where it is exchanged for the actual ticket activated. The savings mainly come from not paying tax 6.

Disney World Coupons & Promo Codes

Disney has the right to check ID at the gate. If military personnel purchase tickets and give them as gifts to non-military users that they will not be accompanying, they risk having the recipient denied entry and the tickets confiscated. Discount Magic Kingdom Tickets are offered through private websites operated by various ticket suppliers such as Tickets at Work and Working Advantage, which exclusively service large organizations. A password is required to access those sites. If you work for a company that is a major corporate sponsor at Walt Disney World i.

12222 Discounts

Check with your Human Resources department for additional info. Additionally, employees of companies that have a business relationship with Disney sometimes qualify for deep ticket discounts.

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Dining at an off-site location will offer the greatest savings in your dining budget — even if you add the cost of taxi to get there. Or you can seek out restaurants that are not owned by Disney but still conveniently located on Disney property.

Walt Disney World Vouchers Gallery - RetroWDW

While not always a guaranteed slam dunk of savings, these can occasionally offer cheaper options. One great choice is Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney!

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