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As is evident by the constant comments on this post for more than a year, you have really hit a nerve. Reading your post and the comments has been very informative. You are probably saving many people lots of headaches. If I had not seen this, we may have gone through a similar predicament. Thanks for posting this info. I left AAA and Joined Allstate in and almost never used their services but felt the need to have membership should I need it. Fast Forward to yesterday, June 2, approximately P.

I had an appointment to get my eyes checked, it was good but when it tried to leave my car did not start. I have never had my car towed by Allstate in the four years I belonged. I called and got someone in India. He said a tow truck would come to take my car to the shop in minutes, that was around or so. To make a long story short I was stranded there until approximately 3 P. I called back 3 or 4 times and got someone in India every time and got more excuses and more times frames that the truck would arrive.

After dropping my car off I started home and got a call from the tow truck driver asking where my car was. The next call I made was to Allstate Motor Club, option 3 and next option 5. The lady I talked with to cancel was in India too. AAA is looking really good to me now. Think before you leave anyone or seek membership from Allstate. They may be better in your hometown but in Charlotte, NC they are a bust as far as I am concerned.

I wanted to thank you for your blog posting Geno. AAA prices have been going through the roof and I felt I had reached my tipping point after 17 years of being a member. After reading your post and all the comments, I just got off the phone and renewed my AAA Plus membership. I know horror stories of Indian CS reps taking 3x as long to work simply issues are common place, but there is a time and place for everything.

At 1am on the side of the interstate in some armpit of the country is not the time for that type of hassle and aggravation. We have bee Allstate Motor Club members for over a year and had never used the servce-until today. My husband sat on the side of the road for more than 3 hours because Allstate was dragging their feet. He had to call back in several times and explain where he was, had to talk to a supervisor, we even called our local Allstate agent and he had called into Allstate too.

At first they refused to tow our car home because we had taken out the highest level RV policy because we often tow horse trailors and said they would only tow to the local repair shop of their choice. Well, my husband is a mechanic, so he can fix our own car, and our house was approximately 30 miles or less from where he broke down. So much for taking out a Roadside assistance policy. We have paid 2 years of premiums, just to be left stressed, stranded on the side of the road. We will be looking into AAA service now after this disaster of a mess. Thanks for all your great help NOT Allstate!

Like many other posters here I was concerned that AAA was getting too expensive. AAA is a corporate name that means nothing, while trading on a past reputation.

Allstate Motor Club Promo Codes & Deals

Nationwide, my insurance company, offered a plan for a very low price. It seems they use a service called Cross Country, which is re-branded by a number of companies. You cannot sign up on your own. As I see from this thread, and as I have read elsewhere, being a member could jeopardize my insurance rates.

Allstate is another issue. I had no idea they could be so bad. Given that they are or were associated with Sears, and given that Sears is now K-Mart in fancy clothing, I would not touch them, period. Sears Craftsman tools were always the best. Then they started using in-store advertising: Attention, shoppers….

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What else is out there? Not much. I guess as much as I have come to dislike AAA in some ways I will stay with them, at least until they move to an overseas call center. Maybe Amoco Motor Club and with them for years as well. I was surprised once, while out of gas sitting in a bank drive through. I last used Allstate a few months ago to have my vehicle towed from my home to my mechanic. No problems with Allstate. Always get American customer service on the phone. And they transfer me to the most available towing service.

I talking to tow drivers, they have told me that Allstate pays them faster than other clubs.

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  8. Allstate routinely send me a form, after a tow to see where it was towed to, just to see if the driver made it up. I found that out because Allstate refused to reimburse me. I explained the situation, we both contacted the tow company and found out the driver had been fired.

    Allstate worked it out with the tow company and I got reimbursed. That has only happened once and fortunately my work flow was good at the time so I had the cash and rode with the tow driver from Gainesville, GA to Madison, GA. I just saw a 30 minute commercial for AAA this morn and it seems they use their own tow trucks now. I have seen the AAA trucks around Atlanta, often as of late. Only concern is getting my money back from Allstate as I just renewed their middle priced plan a few weeks back.

    From looking at both sites and plans side by side, AAA looks better with one mile tow and 3 mile tows. But I assume they are the same as Allstate regarding service calls.

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    8. If you call for gas, dead battery or a tow, they are all counted against the limit of four calls. So I carry extra gas and keep up on my battery, saving calls for heavier emergencies. Thanks for the blog as it was interesting to see some of the comments. I do agree that they should make this information more clear I was not aware of it myself until just now. For myself, I have had nothing but positive experiences so I will not be cancelling the service.

      Popular Allstate Motor Club Discounts & Deals For October 12222

      I mean this with no disrespect to those members who have had horrible service from Allstate, if that had been the case with me I would be not happy about it either! Perhaps the cost savings are enough for these companies to take the risk of customers having less than positive experiences with foreign customer service reps. Doug , I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

      Allstate Roadside Advantage - Allstate Benefits

      Hence, the All marketers are liars quote from Seth Godin that the post started with. Wow, your post has been a benefit to me. Geno, you have done a nice community service and I appreciate it. You saved my bacon. Once an important deception is discovered, I always wonder how many more are lurking about. Thank you my friend. Geno — Thanks very much for this blog. I got an AMC application in the mail today and decided to check it out online before making a decision to switch from AAA.

      After reading all this, I willl stay with AAA. I have only used AAA once, a couple of years ago, for a lockout, and everything went very smoothly. I have looked through all the AMC literature that came in the mail today, and there is absolutely NOTHING about any limits on how many times you can use the service before you get canceled. Thanks again! The same, nearly exact thing happened to me. And I read through the fine print and found nothing about that.

      I have the platinum or Premium or whatever version Allstate motor club has. And I love it. They have towed me numerous times this year. Funny thing though i never really had to use a tow truck much previous to having them. Maybe you should have read the fine print and also paid a few extra bucks. I joined the Allstate Motor club in early I used it once or twice the first year. The next year, my son got his license and my daughter went off to school and my husband died, I used it maybe 5 times that year.

      The next year was about the same, only they cut me off after the 4th call and I had to pay for the 5th one out of pocket. I never paid only 52 bucks a year because I was never on the policy alone. It is like homeowner insurance, they screw you when you need them.

      My kids are now grown, I have Toyota roadside assistance and my daughter has Mazda, so I really only have to cover my son and my non-Toyota truck. So be it. I highly recommend Allstate Motor Club. Other than the monthly fee, I never paid a thing. And, they tow you where you want to go, not to the nearest garage!!!! Go for it, and enjoy it until they cancel you! Share your policy with your friends. The last time I used them was in August, I was in Baltimore, they made me wait for 3 hours, and they sent someone who was clueless. There was no chance I was going to renew anyway, but I thank you all for posting to this review!

      Look into the distance that is allowed under basic AAA towing! I got out, pushed the truck off the road, and confidently silly me dialed the number on my trusty AMC card. After a long wait I understood — it was cold after all… a young lady with a pronounced Indian accent came on the line. Adios AMC!!! I recently just bought insurance on my first truck a few months ago. They actually sold it to me today. After reading your comments, I have decided to discontinue and cancel.

      I felt really pushed by the sales rep and felt locked-in that I had to pay monthly. They were even compeled to say, if you do not call this number, we will continue to bill you. I have called them already and left them a message and stressed that I will be discontinued and do not need their services. It really made me feel uncomfortable. AAA has the same restriction unless you sign up for their premium memnersjip package. That package also only tows you to the nearest authorized AAA repair facility. If you ever need help whiole towing a trailer, you better have the Good Sam motor club, otherwise your out of luck.

      Bottom line, this false advertising for failure to disclose before the deal is transacted. After the money exchanges hands if too late. What if you got a mortgage and the bank said good news your approved.

      Hotels | Allstate Motor Club Travel

      Different AAA clubs have different policies. The web site is somewhat confusing as to what is covered, but it was explained to me when I sent the club an e-mail. Depending on the mileage you have under your class of membership, AAA will tow you at no charge to anywhere within that mileage limit at no charge, provided you have not exceeded the 4 allowed calls per membership year. If, however, there is no place you want to go within that mileage limit, then you are charged for the excess mileage EXCEPT if there is neither an AAA approved repair facility nor an AAA contract station within that mileage.

      Then they will tow you to the contract station that responded to your call or to the nearest AAA approved repair facility at no charge. It is 25 miles to the responding contract station. You can be towed to the contract station at no charge. But if you live 25 miles from the breakdown and want to be towed home, you would be charged for the additional 20 miles.

      I was a member in good standing with a Platinum Elite membership, which allows me unlimited tow and use of other services. Unfortunately, I used the service twelve times in two years and that is when I received the dooms day letter. I tried to address this issue to no avail. The funny thing is that I informed Allstate Motor Club that I have a very long commute to work over ninety-five miles one-way.

      Therefore, I need a service that I can use if my vehicle broke down. Unaware of the limitations of my membership I received a letter from Allstate Motor Club Loss Control Dept stating that I had excessive usage and therefore they had to cancel my membership. So, after several calls into customer service I realized that one, Loss Control Dept was a ghost department with very little access to the public and unlimited actually meant to the discretion of the company. This is a legal term and it means the party that drafts the contract is responsible for the terms and conditions.

      Leaving out a major clause of contract is serious. Motor club is not insurance, but you could report them to state insurance comission. Thank you! Thank you for this blog. I almost switched to AMC, but after reading this long string of posts I decided not to switch!

      I did enjoy printing out some of these posts, attaching my own cover note and mailing back to Allstate in their free postage-paid envelope.

      Blog Archive

      What it all boils down to is customer service is no longer a priority of many companies. But then decided to call AMC first with their toll free number. To help control membership dues, AAA has an annual four-call limit on roadside assistance usage per member. Primary and Associate Members in the same household are each eligible for four calls. Multiple service calls for the same problem will be counted separately on your service record. Roadside Assistance. After the fourth call in a membership term, you may continue to call AAA to arrange for service, but must pay the service provider at the time services are rendered.

      These service limits enable AAA to continue providing reliable, highquality, cost-effective roadside assistance. Or is patting a company on the back for not doing politically incorrect to say? I just received the notification that AMC are about to renew us for the third year. I checked into Allstate after receiving an email. I saw a very high review online higher than AAA so I went to their website to compare the two. Of course, no info about how many svc calls or how many miles so I called them. Then they can tell me how much my tow will cost.

      They are transparent in their benefits. I have been an AllState member for two years now. Each club could have a different policy. My club Northern California, Nevada, and Utah even has different services and costs for the three different states in which it operates. You have to check with your local club. I will say that I have been a member of my club for 37 years and do not recall any real cheap promotional one-year offer, although 37 years is a long time to remember!

      For me, there are three levels of membership offered, depending on the services I want. All levels allow four emergency roadside service calls per membership year with towing, if necessary, at no additional charge. The towing limits per call are 5 miles, miles, and one call for miles and three calls for miles, depending on the level of service you choose. There are other benefits that change with your level of membership e. I am another Allstate Motor Club member that is not happy with their service. When my car overheated on a Sunday evening it took 4 calls and 20 hours to get a tow.

      It was 30 degrees outside and my wife and I would have froze if not for a helpful family who took us into their home, gave us a ride to our house and let us leave our car in their driveway overnight until we could find someone in the morning to come fix it. Why did it take 4 calls? The first call he person could not figure out where we were so did not know who to call to come help.

      The second call they figured out where we were but could not find anyone open. This was about pm on a Sunday. He suggested I try the phone book and Allstate would reimburse me for the tow if I found someone. This really pissed me off as the main reason I have their service is not for the free tow but so I have one number to call if I need help. The third call was next morning from my house. I never spoke to anyone at Allstate but their automated system put me in touch with a towing service.

      They said it would take 1 to 1. The never called back. After waiting 3 hours I made the 4th call. This time I talked to an actual person who said they had no record of my previous call. He was finally able to get my car towed. I really appreciate this post. I also received this exact letter in the mail today. I was kind of excited! I was talking to wife about signing up and decided to look at some reviews first.

      This is true evidence that the pen or keyboard is very powerful. Once again you probably saved me making a mistake. I filed a claim in January of this year for damaged tire rims; I emailed pictures of the rims and copies of the receipts, and had Walmart call in to verify the claim. I have been unable to speak to someone in the customer service department until today; the phone system let me know that due inclement weather, they were having a heavy call volume and to call back later before automatically hanging up on you.

      The person that I talked to today told me that the claims had not been filed correctly and I had to resend all of my information. I was also told that I would have to send in the tire rims by mail. This went against what the customer service associate first told me in January. If Allstate Motor Club needed more information to finish filing the claim, why was I not contacted?

      The only reason I kept my membership in this club was to be compensated for my claim. I feel that they strung out this claim so I would have to pay for another month of membership fees. I do billing for a Service Provider towing co. All of them lie and cheat.

      Not only to their customers but also to their Service Providers. They lie and cheat their Service Providers all the time, and get away with it most of the time! In the game of lying and cheating, Insurance Cos are the greatest of pros. Start the Conversation Add a Comment.

      Best roadside assistance 12222: Don't get stranded

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